Lodge Lochiel


A Brief History of Lodge Lochiel 1200

The First Fifty Years


At the end of World War I, a few brethren from various Lodges found themselves in the Corpach area, and got together to try and find out if there were sufficient brethren to form a Lodge there and after many discussions it was decided to apply to Provincial Grand Lodge for permission. The question of where the meetings would take place was the next thing, the GSC Hall Committee was then approached, and two nights per month were set aside, but when deputation came to inspect the hall, it was discovered that voices could be heard quite clearly. and if this was to be used, the brethren would have to talk in a very low voice, and the Tyler would have to patrol the vicinity. The next thing was the name of the lodge if a Charter was issued. The Chief of the Clan Cameron was then approached, and although not a brother at that time gave his consent for Lochiel to be used. In June 1920 the Charter was presented to the Lodge by the Provincial Grand Master of Ross & Cromarty and Inverness-shire.


At the end of World War II the brethren then decided that it was time they did something to get a hall of their own, and it was decided to begin a building fund. Lochiel was so pleased with this that he immediately gave the site for same, and in our opinion it's the best site in Lochaber, and at the same time laid aside a chair for the Master, his chair is now dressed at all meetings with the regalia in honour of absent brethren. The Lodge building was eventually completed and consecrated and opened on 23rd April 1960 by the Provincial Grand Master of Inverness-shire, Bro W P Cameron, J.P., M.A., F.E.I.S, also a PM of the Lodge.


We are deeply indebted to the parents and family of our late Senior Warden Bro D Cameron, who presented the furniture to us which is admired and looked upon with awe by everyone who comes to the Lodge, and was consecrated by Provincial Grand Master of Inverness-shire Bro W P Cameron on 11th January 1961.


The above was taken from the programme of the 50th Anniversary Celebration & Rededication Ceremony. 24th October 1970


Marching from the old hall to the new hall in 1960


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The Informal Gathering on the “SA Oranje”

Whilst travelling to Capetown on board the “SA Oranje” in October 1972, Past Master Bro George Bowrin was invited to an "informal gathering of Freemasons" .

A copy of the invitation and the minutes of the gathering can seen here.

“SA Oranje”